Blog #5: The Thesis

  Why I went to University My two main expectations about going to university were: I would get better resources for ...

Blog #4 The promise

In the early 2000s I continued my occasional research activities. I was enthusiastic and mistakenly convinced I was ...

Blog #3 The idea

I never thought for a moment in the late 1990s that I would write a substantial book about Namarari. And never imagin...

Blog #2 Alec’s first trip to Alice Springs in 1997

Utopia Art Sydney held one or two Papunya Tula shows per year at its Stanmore gallery: one a group show and the other...

Blog #1 Getting hooked on Aboriginal art

I need to go back to the mid 1990s to consider how, and why, I became interested in Aboriginal art, though a late 199...
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