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ISBN 9780959056549
The authorised biography of Mick Namarari Tjapaltjarri
by Alec O’Halloran.

This lavishly illustrated book reveals the life story and art career of Mick Namarari Tjapaltjarri, a Pintupi man who became an award-winning Papunya Tula artist. He won the National Aboriginal Art Award (1991), the Alice Prize (1994, co-winner), and was the inaugural recipient of the prestigious Red Ochre Award (1994) – the only artist to receive all three awards.

Author Alec O’Halloran

“I made a promise to Namarari’s widow, Elizabeth Marks Nakamarra, that I would write a book about her late husband, for all the world to see. I’m thrilled The master from Marnpi is now available for anyone wishing to learn more about Namarari, Papunya Tula and Aboriginal art.”

– Author, Alec O’Halloran.
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national launch

The master from Marnpi was officially launched to an audience of 400 people at the Desart Symposium, on Friday 7 September by Alec O'Halloran and Elizabeth Marks Nakamarra.

More info

1. Getting hooked on Aboriginal art

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2. Alec’s first trip to Alice Springs

Utopia Art Sydney held one or two Papunya Tula shows per year at its Stanmore gallery: one a group show and the other...
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